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Let horses guide your healing journey.

Feeling lost or wounded? At Healing Hearts with Horses, the powerful connection with horses provides a safe space for emotional healing, self-discovery, and renewed purpose. Our equine therapy programs address various challenges, from trauma to anxiety. Let the horses guide you on your journey towards a lighter heart.


Group Activities

2 Day Retreat Intensives

Join us for an immersive 2-day Weekend Intensive at Healing Hearts with Horses, where you'll experience profound personal growth and healing. Nestled in the serene Black Hills of South Dakota, our retreat combines equine-assisted coaching, mindfulness practices, and emotional awareness workshops. You'll engage in transformative activities with our gentle horses, designed to help you overcome anxiety, develop emotional resilience, and reconnect with your inner self. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to unwind, reflect, and gain valuable insights in a supportive, natural environment.

Group Activities

Small Group Sessions

Unleash the power of teamwork and connection! Our group activities offer a unique opportunity to bond with friends, family, or colleagues. Imagine a sun-dappled paddock where laughter fills the air as you work together to navigate obstacles and build trust with our gentle giants. This playful, collaborative experience fosters communication, problem-solving skills, and self-discovery, leaving you feeling empowered and united.

Individual Therapy

Private Sessions

Our individual equine life coaching sessions empower individuals facing anxiety, depression, trauma, and more to heal, discover themselves, and overcome challenges through the transformative power of the human-horse connection. In a safe and supportive environment, clients build trust with our gentle giants, fostering self-awareness and unlocking new pathways to emotional well-being.

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